Thames Has Good Reason To Be Angry Over Lack Of Policing

30 March 2017

An average of 8.3 officers on duty over Christmas and New Year means the people of Thames and the Coromandel are right to be concerned, says New Zealand First.

“The thin blue line protecting the good people of Thames, Whitianga, Paeroa and Coromandel Town averaged just 8.3 officers over Christmas and New Year,” says Ron Mark, New Zealand First Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Police.

​“But at certain times it fell to just two police officers covering a huge area.

“Understandably, this government’s spin didn’t wash on the people of Thames because they know the truth from stolen cars, assaults, theft and wilful damage.

“Take the 2,545 burglaries that struck Thames, Whitianga, Paeroa and Coromandel Town from 2008 up until mid-June 2016. The 94 arrests made over the same time means burglars know they’ve got a 96% chance of getting away with it.

“You cannot blame police because they’re flat to the boards but you can blame a government and a prime minister who, as finance minister, froze police budgets. 

“National’s 880 new police in this election year is ​nine years too late and is being seen by everybody for what it truly is – a desperate attempt to stay in power using pork barrel politics.

“No one believes they will deliver on this promise given they campaigned on law and order back in 2008 when they hoodwinked the public into believing they gave a damn. 

“Their promise on police numbers still doesn’t even come close to the ratios of police-to-population that NZ First secured when we were last in government. In fact its 920 short of what’s truly needed.

“New Zealand First stands by the fact 1800 extra police are needed and our record is one of delivering police and support staff. This is the only way we’ll be able to make Thames and the Coromandel safer for the people who live there,” Mr Mark says.