Teachers Can Feel 'Miffed'

21 August 2017

New Zealand teachers living and working here have a right to feel  miffed – their comrades who opted for the big OE are being enticed back with a $7000 cash handout.

“Even worse, foreign teachers will get the money for coming and working here," says New Zealand First Education Spokesperson, Tracey Martin.

“What’s the Kiwi teacher get for being loyal?

“Typical National, not looking after New Zealanders, but hell bent on bringing more people into this country to fix a mess they have made.

“The government won’t pay Kiwi teachers living costs to move to Auckland, yet they are quick to find the money to bring New Zealand teachers living overseas and foreign teachers to cover the shortages.

“This is another band-aid solution to a crisis caused by overwhelming the country and all its infrastructure with immigrants.

“Over half are pouring into Auckland each year. That’s over 40,000 people. The increase in students is putting pressure on schools and teachers are forced to compete in a high cost rental market because of demand.

“Grants of $7000 to teachers living overseas could be better spent helping Kiwi teachers who are prepared to stay and work in New Zealand," says Mrs