Taxpayers Need The Disinfectant Of Sunlight On Fujixerox Contracts – Peters

26 April 2017

NZ First wants to know if taxpayers have been ripped off by FujiXerox with Japan’s FujiFilm sending in investigators after the NZ Serious Fraud Office found nothing to see.

“We have to again question the competence of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) because this issue has New Zealand in the international media for all the wrong reasons,” says New Zealand First Leader and MP for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Last Friday FujiXerox’s parent, FujiFilm of Japan, sent in investigators after ‘accounting irregularities’ in New Zealand point to a probable $285m loss.  Yet just before Christmas the New Zealand SFO said there was nothing to see and if law enforcement doesn’t look then the chance of it seeing nothing is 100%?

“All eyes are now on the New Zealand Audit-Office as we await its call on the request we made last October, for it to look into ‘All of Government’ contracts, especially those involving FujiXerox.  Now over six months later we want to know what they are going to do.  The New Zealand taxpayers are paying for these officials not FujiFilm Japan way outside their territorial jurisdiction.

“Taxpayers need the disinfectant of sunlight because we all know what ‘accounting irregularities’ is code for.  Something seriously stinks here and law enforcement and the government should have responded when we alerted them.

“And how did National get its self-proclaimed reputation for being good economic managers?  Just before forensic accountants marched into FujiXerox, the Hon Simon Bridges’ own Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment awarded it a large ‘All of Government’ contract for office supplies.

“While Mr Bridges who claims to be a former Crown Prosecutor and other Ministers duck for cover, all roads lead back to the Hon Steven Joyce, ‘Mr Fixit,’ as he remains donkey deep in this fiasco.  NZ First alerted him in writing to serious issues with FujiXerox last year and he did nothing.  Now this man is the Minister of Finance.

“For example is FujiXerox’s contract with the Northland Schools Cluster.  Since signing-up, schools now face a monthly standing charge per machine and for print volumes far in excess of what they previously used.  If that’s not enough, the contract term is an irregular seven years so they end up stuck with old machines well past any depreciation point.

“FujiXerox has been a favourite of this government and the more money it lost, $51m last year, the more contracts that went its way.  Since Minister Joyce was in the seat that Mr Bridges now occupies the buck stops with them.

“These Ministers are so bad that they’re incapable of even taking advantage of our help,” says Mr Peters.