Stealing Policies, Pretending They're Your Own - Dishonest

It’s one thing to steal policies but another not to acknowledge where they came from is dishonest.

“The desperate two old parties are obviously rifling through our speeches and documents for ideas,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“But it’s getting rather tiring listening to them announce our policies as their own – as Labour did in Rotorua today with the re-establishment of a Forest Service.

“However, we’re delighted some common sense and foresighted thinking for the betterment of New Zealand is making its way into the promises of National and Labour.

“It’s only nine days since New Zealand First organised a major forestry industry roundtable in Whangarei. We’ve long had a policy to revitalise the forestry industry and restore the Forest Services, disbanded by the Labour government in 1987. That was followed by National selling off most of the state forests in the 1990s.

“We’ve had the Forests (NZ Forestry Service) Amendment Bill  in Parliament for some time.

“National and Labour have always been on the back foot. National was short of ideas on health so pilfered our policy for free GP visits for under 13 years olds.

“Along with Labour they continued stealing – they’ve needed us for ideas on youth and the justice system, getting youth work ready, banning foreign buyers of land and property, reducing immigration numbers, taxing export water, entering Pike River mine, keeping NZ Super at 65, to name a few,” says Mr Peters.