She'll Be Right Attitude Won't Do On NZ Super

24 February 2017

New Zealanders must not be complacent about NZ Super, New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters warned today.


“As we get older we become more easy going, and take things for granted. It’s part of the Kiwi ‘she’ll be right’ attitude.


“But it’s a mistake,” he told a North Shore Grey Power meeting of about 350 people in Auckland today.


NZ Super had been attacked by both National and Labour governments. He warned it could happen again and then ‘she won’t be right’.


“It wasn’t in the late 80s under Rogernomics, it wasn’t under Ruth Richardson, it wasn’t under Jenny Shipley and it won’t be under those other parties who want to put up the age or means test it like the Greens.


“Any change to NZ Super and you will pay the price, you who are retired, your children and your grandchildren.


“New Zealand First has a history of defending NZ Super and it was one of the reasons we came to be a political party.”


He said the party had attacked the surtax, defended the pay out ratio as a percentage of the net average wage, and exposed politicians who would sell older people down the drain.


Mr Peters warned the audience not to be railroaded into thinking NZ Super was not affordable. “It is affordable.”