Sanity Needs to Prevail Over Immigration

The old parties persisting with mass immigration between 53,000 and 73,000 is utter madness, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“The old parties’ plans for housing and infrastructure don’t even cater for the people who will climb off the planes at Mangere on an annual basis.

“They are not even building houses and infrastructure for mass immigration above 50,000 let alone catering for the existing needs of the NZ population already here.

“Sooner or later sanity has got to prevail but any parties promising to have a policy on housing, health, education and infrastructure without seriously carving back the inflated demand of mass immigration is just being dishonest with the New Zealand people.

“When will they tell New Zealanders how they are going to cope with incoming demand for infrastructure and housing whilst they deal with the tens of thousands of homeless already in New Zealand.

“For Auckland alone it means in excess of 40,000 more cars on the motorway every year.

“The reason for this unprecedented degree of optimism combined with dishonesty is that these other parties have to first admit that their stance on defending mass immigration has been so bad for New Zealand,” says Mr Peters.