Rt Hon Winston Peters Speech: Small Business Goes Ahead, But Battled Red Tape

K4Kombucha Brewery Opening
Thursday 1 June
Kombucha Brewery Opening,
125 Haruru Falls,
2pm, Thursday 1 June, 2017

It’s a pleasure to be here today at the opening of K4Kombucha.


Another great small Northland business contributing to the health of Northlanders and the region.

Kaye and partner Freddie have had a long journey to get to this point.

They’ve had to fight red tape every step of the way and I congratulate them for hanging in there and launching their Kombucha brewery.

Kaye and Freddie’s experience highlights the need for the “local” to be put back in government.

Why on earth are government agencies holed up in the cities?

Here in Northland you should be able to knock on the agency door.

Instead we have centralisation gone mad.

Locals dealing with locals will speed up any decision making.

And face to face meetings work best.

Siting agencies in the regions also works for staff.

Instead, they are stuck in Auckland paying astronomical rents, battling motorway traffic each day.

The Auckland-centric government does us no favours in Northland.

Getting some of the government agencies back in the regions will change the face of the country.

As Northland MP I was pleased to be able to step in and help Kaye and Freddie through their business set up.

I’ve had the chance to sample some and it’s a great product and hope it has a long future here in Northland.

Congratulations again and I wish you the best of luck.