Pro-Immigration Scaremongering Rams Up

New Zealand voters should beware – the pro-immigration element is coming out in full force as the election nears.

“But the picture of mass immigration is there for all those with their eyes open to see – Auckland is a seething mess of congested roads, overpriced houses and high rents as a result of net 73,000 immigrants a year, mostly going to live in the super city.

“And it’s spreading everywhere. All public services are under too much pressure.

“So many immigrants arriving are unskilled, though disguised under various immigration categories as having some sort of ‘profession’.

“However, Statistics NZ figures for 2016/2017 show we had 8,497 visas in high-end roles – from agricultural scientists to veterinarians (including everything in between like nurses, oncologists, metallurgical engineers and IT engineers).

“That’s exactly the type of person New Zealand First says will benefit this country.

“That’s why reducing immigration down to about 10,000 net a year fulfils the argument that a country should take in people we need and will benefit our economy and not those who need us.

“Anyone who scaremongers about economic deprivation and potential for a slump with a reduction in numbers is not speaking on behalf of New Zealanders and our standard of living.”