Police Robbery Crackdown Needs Backup From Justice System

Thirty-two million dollars for a police crackdown on aggravated robberies is pointless if the justice system doesn’t hold young offenders to account, says New Zealand First.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush wants a focus on aggravated robberies with more police patrols and an online public campaign.

“The failing youth justice system is a major contributor to young offenders committing thuggish crimes and needs to be addressed or police efforts will be for nought,” says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball.

“Crime stats show that 15-19 year olds commit almost half of all robberies in New Zealand. 

“With a 40% increase in serious crimes by this age group in one year, and yet a 6% decrease in court convictions, it is clear that the justice system is failing to hold these young offenders to account.

“Even though arrests are being made the offenders continue to commit crimes because the justice system has no consequences for them.

“There is no doubt that we need more police patrols to concentrate on the security of dairies and petrol stations, but if youth continue to churn through a failing system this increase in serious offending will continue,” says Mr Ball.

“The cotton wool approach must end. Young offenders must face serious consequences for their actions.”