Police Have Struggled To Pay Their Wage Bill Under National

08 June 2017

Cash-strapped police have been so desperate to get money to pay wages for their staff they had to go cap in hand to get money from the State Sector slush fund, says New Zealand First Police Spokesperson Ron Mark.

“Official information NZ First has obtained shows that in September 2013 and August 2015 police were scratching around to pay staff and had to apply to the Justice Sector Fund which declined their requests.

“From this, you can conclude police had to economise or make cuts elsewhere to ensure staff got paid. “This is just another sign of how National has under-funded police and let things run down.

“Other unsuccessful police applications were made to the fund for such things as expanding electronic monitoring, establishing a gang intelligence centre in the battle against P and covering a money shortfall to implement the Criminal Procedure Act 2012.

“These are basic everyday policing tasks and having them declined is yet another sign of how patchy and inadequate policing is in New Zealand.

“Whatever National has given police in recent times has been too little, too late and it’s taking too long. “Police are still being pushed to the limit with limited resources.

“As an example of that, in Auckland we’re seeing only one dog handler on duty to cover three police districts which is appalling,” says Mr Mark.