PM's Youth Crime Claim Will Infuriate Dairy Owners

Prime Minister Bill English’s claim in Wellington today that his government has overachieved by bringing youth crime down by a third will infuriate ordinary Kiwis who are suffering under a wave of youth crime around the country, says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball.

If Mr English had the gumption to make this claim to dairy and liquor store owners he would face an even more hostile reception than his police minister Paula Bennett experienced in Thames recently.

“Dairy, liquor store owners and other business operators are living in fear for their lives because of youth criminals and every day that goes by a new case is being reported.

“To create a smoke screen to disguise the true reality and dupe the public, the government is using a flawed method of measuring youth crime which does not include apprehensions, arrests or even offences.

“It only includes the number of youth court appearances.

“Under National, 83% of youth offenders get police diversion and don’t place a foot in Youth Court.

“They are missing from National’s supposed youth crime rate.

“If Prime Minister English truly stands by his target results on youth crime then he should have them audited by the Office of the Auditor General,” says Mr Ball.