PM's 'Fresh Ideas' On Poverty Did Nothing For Kiwi Kids

08 February 2017

John Key’s big announcement that he would get “fresh ideas to tackle child poverty” has come to nothing, says New Zealand First Social Services Spokesperson Darroch Ball.

“Nothing has changed. There has been no improvement on all the social indicators of child poverty, according to the Salvation Army’s State of the Nation report.


“We have to question whether the National government was truly sincere and did it really want to improve lives for as many as 310,000 Kiwi kids.


“There have been 210,000 to 310,000 living in poverty for the past five years or more.


“Fill up sports stadiums in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and there still wouldn’t be enough seats for all those children.


“It’s appalling that life is not improving for youngsters in New Zealand,” says Mr Ball.