PM Recklessly Ignores Fraud Scandal

New Zealanders should be concerned over the government’s reaction to the massive $500 million Fuji Xerox fraud.

“The Prime Minister reluctantly admitted that it might be time to see if there has been an impact in New Zealand,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“He is treating concern over one of New Zealand’s biggest frauds with disdain.


“Fuji executives have stepped down, the companies ‘accounting irregularities’ have become headlines in the world’s financial capitals, and New Zealand is being portrayed as a Banana Republic, yet Fuji continues to hold the lucrative “all of government” supplier contract.


Economic Development Minister Simon Bridgesand his predecessor, Steven Joyce, have been in denial despite New Zealand First raising concerns since September last year.


“The Prime Minister has claimed New Zealand is corruption free but that does not ring true in the light of the Fuji scandal,” says Mr Peters.