PM Ducking For Cover On Pike River Re-Entry But There's A Case To Answer

New Zealanders and Pike River families were set up to believe explosions and fires incinerated the mine, leaving nothing recognisable, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Even Cabinet Minister Judith Collins believed there was an inferno engulfing the mine. But with the emergence of video footage showing part of the mine untouched by fire Ms Collins is referring journalists to the Prime Minister for explanation.

“In Parliament today the Prime Minister tried to duck responsibility and hide behind the Royal Commission. But he can’t.

 “The government has been entirely responsible for all decisions over the victims’ families requests for re-entry into the mine.

 “The PM is trying to say there is nothing to see here, but a pile of evidence proves there is.

 “Footage taken of Pike River mine from the 126 metre borehole 44 shows intact wooden pallets and rubber hoses a month after the explosions.

 “There’s been nothing but a litany of lies, cover-up and fobbing off for six years by the government and its agencies.

 “Why, only now, is this footage seeing the light of day?”