PM All At Sea On Dealing With Housing Crisis

Prime Minister Bill English is proving more shaky and incompetent by the day on housing.

“Today he claimed in Parliament that his government would ‘build Dunedin’ in the next three years,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Unfortunately, the number of houses being built in Auckland will never add up to another Dunedin, where there are 50,000 houses.

“The latest figures from Auckland Council show only 6827 houses were built in the year to May.

“That’s also way off achieving at least 14,000 houses a year for the next decade that Auckland alone needs.

“Mr English went on to blame the housing crisis on the government being too successful in growing the population and keeping New Zealanders from going overseas.

“The real reason is National has been totally inept on housing – and has destroyed the Kiwi dream of home ownership,” says Mr Peters.