Peters Tells Maori Party To Stop Tainting Our Policies With Race

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but adding a dollop of racism doesn’t help, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

Mr Peters is accusing the Maori Party of stealing New Zealand First’s driver training education for the young policy.

“We announced this policy in Dunedin, on September 4, last year.

“Just yesterday the Maori Party put out a policy giving preferential treatment to Maori when it comes to driver licence training That is so counter-productive because we should be giving all youth this opportunity regardless of the colour of their skin.

“New Zealand First has already committed to getting driving lessons into our schools. This is not just about getting them work ready, but helps to pick up those who have fallen through the educational cracks.

“New Zealand First’s army-based Youth Employment, Training and Education Bill would have reinforced this further.  It would have picked up disengaged youth between 15-17 years, given them literacy and numeracy education and paid work while they learned a trade.

“Our country needs to be coming closer together, but National’s white-liberal guilt has  them kowtowing to the Maori Party’s racist agenda.  That is why the electorate needs to send National and the Maori Party a clear message this September, and that message is we are all New Zealanders in the same boat here,” says Mr Peters.