Parliament Kept In Dark Over International Treaties

08 June 2017

New Zealand will continue to be plagued by dubious trade deals like TPPA after the government yesterday voted against measures to open up a new level of honesty and openness around international treaties, says New Zealand First.

“New Zealand First’s International Transparent Treaties Bill would have given the whole of Parliament the opportunity to debate international treaties before they are signed instead of a select number of cabinet ministers,” says Spokesperson for Trade Fletcher Tabuteau.

“But National would have none of that.

“The Cabinet signed off on the TPPA without informing Parliament about important details of the deal that compromised New Zealand’s sovereignty.

“New Zealanders were rightly insulted and infuriated. Thousands protested around the country. Still the government arrogantly labelled opponents of TPPA ‘breathless children’.

“The fact the government has pushed on with TPPA despite it being unpopular with Kiwis and not ratified by the US, is further proof there need to be constraints around signing up to major international treaties.

“When a treaty faces significant opposition from New Zealanders Parliament should be able to address their concerns and throw it out, if need be.

“Back door negotiations around international trade deals must be stopped,” says Mr Tabuteau.