Parata Creating A Mess In Redcliffs School - Needs To Reverse Decision

Education Minister Hekia Parata should keep Redcliffs School on its current site and not even consider the idea of relocating to Redcliffs Park, says New Zealand First List MP based in Christchurch Denis O’Rourke.

“People who live in this area, myself included, do not want to lose our seaside park and there is no reason why we should.


“Mrs Parata’s original decision to close the school on safety grounds was completely wrong – there have never been any safety issues and expert reports commissioned by the parents showed there were no safety issues warranting either closure or relocation.


“The Minister, not wanting to lose face, has claimed that if the school was to stay in Redcliffs, it would have to be moved. The Christchurch City Council then incredibly agreed to entertain a land swap so Redcliffs Park would be the site for a new school.


“That is ridiculous. The Christchurch City Council must support the people of the area and retain the park.


“Reports that the government would use the Public Works Act to take a recreation reserve away from the people of Christchurch are complete nonsense when it could not be proved that the land was essential, given that the school already exists on a completely adequate site.


“The huge expense of building a new school when the existing one remains undamaged and only needs renovation, cannot be justified either.


“We want the school to stay in Redcliffs and the Minister needs to take a much more common sense approach and leave the school where it is.


“The Minister’s claim the school is unsafe because it is so close to the cliffs is also untrue as many houses remain next to the school.


“It’s time Mrs Parata reversed her relocation proposal just as she has had to do so often with her other bad decisions,” says Mr O’Rourke.