Overseas Media Report 2,000 Millionaires Migrated Here In 2016

02 March 2017

With Dow Jones’ MarketWatch reporting that 4,000 millionaires have moved to New Zealand in the past two years, New Zealand First is asking the government for immigration honesty.

“Is New Zealand citizenship for sale?” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“What other reason is there for New Zealand to apparently gain 2,000 millionaires in 2016 on top of the 2,000 who apparently moved here in 2015.  You’d think at least $4bn worth of migrants in just two years would be a little more obvious.


“Or are we been used for our passport or residency stamp, with the cash left in Swiss bank accounts instead of with TSB?


“When you have a Dow Jones subsidiary like MarketWatch saying we’re now the world’s number five destination for millionaire migrants, it begs some big questions.


“Like how does it square with Mr English’s claim that there are 200 to 300 special cases a year for citizenship?  The public have a right to know if we are doling out our passports and residency for cash instead of for people who genuinely want to move here lock, stock and barrel.


“The government has some explaining to do,” says Mr Peters.