“New Zealand First believes in the right of all New Zealanders to responsibly hunt, shoot, fish and enjoy the great outdoors and to take food from the bush, the rivers and the seas. We support a sensible balance between the often overlapping requirements of outdoor recreational activities and those of industry, farming, conservation, tourism and the environment.”

— Rt Hon Winston Peters


  • Guarantee free access to the conservation estate for all New Zealanders.
  • Review the Game Animal Council’s management of major game species.
  • Permit the sustainable hunting to control introduced game species, such as deer, pigs, chamois, tahr, goats and wapiti.
  • Acknowledge the lawful use of firearms and maintain sensible firearms laws.
  • Ensure the sustainable management and preservation of rivers, waterways, wetlands, and wilderness areas.
  • Ensure the maintenance of sustainable fishing with guaranteed access for recreational fishers and the protection of existing game fish species.
  • Oppose any licensing system for recreational saltwater fishers.


  • Plan for New Zealand to move beyond 1080 by phasing out its use.
  • Implement, wherever it is feasible properly resourced ground operations, including trapping and bait stations as a matter of urgent priority as an alternative to aerial 1080.
  • Require comprehensive and accurate surveys to ascertain both native and pest populations in areas being considered for the aerial application of 1080 as a pre-requisite before such aerial applications will be permitted, especially in areas currently regarded as "inaccessible".
  • Research and develop an effective replacement for 1080 (Sodium Fluoroacetate) as part of public research and development being lifted to 2 percent of GDP within 10-years.


  • Establish a Crown Company to develop “ecoFur” as the world’s only ecologically friendly fur label to support a value-adding New Zealand fur industry (wild possums, stoats and ferrets).