NZ Taking In Pet Groomers And Unemployed As New Residents

09 March 2017

National’s immigration policy is so limp and weak, New Zealand is accepting pet groomers and the unemployed as new residents, says New Zealand First Deputy Leader, Ron Mark.

“Data from Immigration New Zealand showed in the 2008-09 year, a total of 45 unemployed migrants were granted residency.

“One thing we are not short of in New Zealand is unemployed, so it beggars belief.

“When questioned in Parliament today about this, Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse ducked for cover and said it was a matter for Internal Affairs but he added they were probably granted residency because ‘they’re entitled to.’

“Does that mean they’re entitled to come here and live on the dole?

“Our immigration requirements are so limp we are now taking in pet groomers, massage therapists, fitness centre managers, hairdressers, personal assistants and other jobs which some of our 139,000 unemployed could easily do.

“National always claim they are bringing in people to plug gaps where we have skills shortages.

“This is completely untrue – we don’t need pet groomers or unemployed,” says Mr Mark.