NZ Flagged Vessels Should Employ New Zealanders

It is unacceptable that foreign-owned and controlled companies with New Zealand flagged vessels fishing in New Zealand waters are favouring foreign crews ahead of New Zealanders, says New Zealand First Fisheries Spokesperson Richard Prosser.

“New Zealand First has been advised Jaico Ltd, a New Zealand listed fishing company based in Timaru with two directors – one in Korea, another in Timaru – want 100 crew for their trawler Pacinui and seek an Approval in Principle from Immigration NZ to do so.

“To get approval there must not be suitable New Zealand workers available.

“However, Jaico’s job advertisements are clearly biased in favour of employing Koreans in all of the key positions and excluding New Zealanders, even though Pacinui is a New Zealand flagged vessel and is fishing in New Zealand waters.

“It is clear Jaico want their ship crewed by Koreans in which case work conditions are less likely to meet New Zealand requirements.

“With Jaico favouring Korean qualifications in their job advertisements, Immigration NZ should suspend their request for an Approval in Principle because it is a manifest attempt to skirt around our laws and avoid hiring New Zealanders.

“The employment criteria should be New Zealand qualifications or their equivalent.

“Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse appeared confused when questioned in Parliament today, at first confirming the system was working but later saying he wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. National is not taking this seriously,” says Mr Prosser.