NZ First Says So-Called Cross Party Agreement On Cathedral Simply Inadequate

The Nicky Wagner arranged so-called cross party letter on the Christchurch Cathedral is a model of vacillation, delay and lack of resolution which continues the lack of support for Christchurch on this matter for a long time now.

“What do they mean by the statement ‘we agree in principle,’ says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Either it is believed we should restore the Christchurch Cathedral or we shouldn’t.

“And given it is a Category 1 heritage building, and an icon of Canterbury, and indeed the South Island, those temporarily empowered people standing in the way of its restoration should be given a clear message, ‘restore this cathedral or let someone else who will restore it take over’.

“New Zealand First is not interested in cross-party handholding irresolute statements,” says Mr Peters.