NZ First Proved Right On Defence House Demolition

03 March 2017

Having predicted on 15 February that Defence House would need to be demolished, New Zealand First says building owner denials and the Prime Minister’s flippancy are no longer acceptable.

“It is sickening to see denials from the building owner AMP Capital, and a shockingly blasé Prime Minister because it is highly serious,” says Mr Peters.

“Defence House demands an urgent widening of Minister Nick Smith’s limited inquiry.  Defence House/Freyberg was designed by CCM Architects to the highest levels and yet was brought low by an earthquake not even centred on Wellington.

“That sets off alarm bells.  Why is it that so many modern buildings in Wellington failed when so many other buildings, including ones stickered ‘earthquake prone,’ suffered little or no damage?

“We need honesty and not spin and frankly we are not getting it from this government or the building owners.  That is not acceptable and we expect statements next week in Parliament from Messrs English and Smith,” Mr Peters said.