Northport Is Northland's Future As Much As It Is Auckland's

In a speech being delivered to the Economic Development Agencies Conference today, New Zealand First will insist that legislation be introduced to move all container operations from the Port of Auckland to Northport by the end of 2027.

“The days of the Ports of Auckland as a container port and as a car yard are numbered,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Aucklanders want their harbour back while Northlanders want the jobs and opportunity that would come from Northport’s transformation.
“New Zealand First will bring forward legislation to move all operations from Auckland to Northport. This will start with vehicles on Captain Cook Wharf ahead of the America’s Cup but containers will follow giving Aucklanders back their waterfront.

“Cruise ships visiting Auckland will also benefit from a new cruise terminal.

“This will be matched by investment in rail freight and improved road links between Whangarei and Auckland. 

“The benefits for Aucklanders of getting 77-hectares of their waterfront back in the 2020’s is incalculable.  For Northland, the port’s expansion would spark Northland’s economic renaissance with an unprecedented innovation for New Zealand exporting.

“We will create, near to Northport, the country’s first Special Economic Area with a second envisaged for Southland.  This area will be duty-free, GST-free and tax-free, opening the door to value-add manufacturing, logistics and re-exporting.

“This is a cast iron commitment from New Zealand First but it needs New Zealand First to be in a pivotal position to demand it.  That requires people in Northland and Auckland to seriously adjust how they plan to vote,” says Mr Peters.