31 August 2017

SPEECH: The Old Parties Are Forgetting Seniors - But We Aren't

Speech for Nelson Grey Power
Annesbrook Church and Community Centre,
40 Saxton Rd West,
Stoke, Nelson.
3pm, August 31, 2017

It is a delight to be in Stoke and Nelson.

31 August 2017

SPEECH: The Regions Are Not “Another Country” but the future

Speech to Economic Development Agencies Conference

Rydges Hotel,


August 31,



Thank you for you the opportunity to be in Wellington to address this important conference



Northport Is Northland's Future As Much As It Is Auckland's

In a speech being delivered to the Economic Development Agencies Conference today, New Zealand First will insist that legislation be introduced to move all container operations from the Port of Auckland to Northport by the end of 2027.

No Surprises Policy - Just Breached By Civil Service And National Politicians

Government ministers, political staff, and the civil service have been caught out breaking the rules by divulging personal information – an offence against the privacy rules of this country, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

29 August 2017

Full Mental Health Inquiry Now Even More Urgent

The latest horrifying statistics on the rate of suicide in New Zealand makes a national inquiry into mental health services even more urgent, says Ria Bond, the New Zealand First List MP based in Invercargill.