SPEECH: You have a right to be proud, but it’s not all roses, you’re being robbed

Campaign for the Regions Tour,

South Canterbury RSA ,

21 Wai-iti Rd, Timaru.


Saturday, July 8, 2017

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National's Manawatu Gorge Betrayal

New Zealand First is aghast that the Manawatu Gorge has been closed “indefinitely” by National and is calling on the government to come up with a support package for affected towns.

07 July 2017

Opinion Piece: Lions tour: Bring sport back to the people for society's sake,

Winston Peters says sport can be a cohesive force in our economy and value system.

OPINION: Libbers, Labbers and Natskis may be flabbergasted at the notion, but Winston Peters sits before me a reconstructed man. The NZ First Member of Parliament twice represented the New Zealand Maori in a long and damaging playing career and some of the bits have needed soldering back on.

SPEECH EXCERPTS FROM HOKITIKA: Policies For Westland Not Wellington

Campaign for Regions Tour Hokitika speech
Hokitika – Westland RSA
24 Sewell Street
10am, 7 July, 2017

Excerpts from speech

07 July 2017

Peters Keel-Haus NBR's Keall Over Northland Article

The Leader of New Zealand First and Northland’s Member of Parliament, the Rt Hon Winston Peters, has blasted an NBR hatchet piece.