Fonterra Catches The Maori Separatism Bug

New Zealand First is accusing Fonterra of catching the Maori separatist bug by employing Tiaki Hunia as its new general manager: Māori strategy and just over a month after Mr Hunia was announced by Minister Flavell as the supposed head of the Maori Land Service.

The Bay Wants Change, We've Struck A Chord With Voters

Campaign for the Regions tour - Tauranga
Tauranga Yacht Club,
90 Keith Allen Drive,
1pm, July 13, 2017

PM Dreams Up Jobs Project As Election Bell Tolls

Not long ago Prime Minister Bill English called young out-of-work Kiwis “pretty damned hopeless”.

Time To Throw Book At Young Offenders

Offenders are getting younger and committing more serious crimes because the justice system lets them get away with it, says New Zealand First.

SPEECH: Campaign for the Regions Tour - Taupo

Rotary House,
12 Story Place,
1pm, 12th July, 2017

Central government not backing the regions