28 June 2017

PM Struggles As Barclay Cover Up Unravels

Prime Minister Bill English is hiding under a cone of “no responsibility” to avoid questions over his involvement in the Barclay Debacle.

America's Cup Win - A Salute To True Grit

The America’s Cup victory in Bermuda is a tribute to a group of true believers in the athletic and creative talent of New Zealanders.

More Burger-Gate Madness To Come

National’s army of petty pen-pushing plutocrats has been caught out trying to ban medium-rare meat, so the Minister has pulled them off, but it’s not over.

SPEECH: National Excelling Only In Constructing Myths


Speech to Civil Contractors of NZ

Ellerslie Convention Centre,


Level 3, 80 Ascot Ave, Remuera,


Monday, June 26, 2017,



National Excelling Only In Constructing Myths