New Zealand's New Fire Levy Model Already Out Of Date

New Zealand’s “new” funding model for fire and emergency services is already outdated, says New Zealand First.

“The Australians will bring in a funding model for their fire and emergency services that makes ours look antiquated, despite the fact it has just been approved by Parliament,” says New Zealand First Internal Affairs Spokesperson Clayton Mitchell.

“The approach of the New South Wales government is to have the fire levy collected by council’s alongside rates.  They are even giving pensioners a discount.

“That’s a much fairer and much more workable approach, compared with the legislation National has just pushed through, despite our warning that it did not work in Australia.

“The Australians realised that attaching levies to insurance makes it less affordable so the number of people unable to afford to protect their properties rises.

“Now New Zealand is stuck with an unacceptable situation with levies for Fire and Emergency Services being collected through insurance payments.

“The New South Wales move reinforces New Zealand First’s position that this legislation is not fit for purpose.

“The government needs to seriously re-think its approach and now,” says Mr Mitchell.