New Zealand First To Put Wool Carpets Back On The Floors Of Government

New Zealand First will stop synthetic carpets being installed in government funded buildings by specifying natural fibre carpets like wool and the use of wool insulation.

“The Government claims it will build 34,000 houses in Auckland over the next 10-years alone and what should be a bonanza for wool won’t be with National turning its back on wool,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“New Zealand First will swing government procurement in behind natural, renewable and sustainable wool and natural fibres.  Both as floor coverings and as a material of choice for insulation.

“It is wrong that in the six-years since January 2011, the Ministry for Social Development purchased no woollen carpets but thousands of square metres of synthetics.  Even Parliament has installed 4,775m2 of synthetics compared to just 3,600m2 of wool carpet. 

“Whether a government office or a Housing NZ property, where carpet is specified, it will be natural wool or fibre from here on in and supported by the increased use of wool insulation.

“In 1997, just 20-years ago, wool was a $1bn export, which would be worth $1.5bn in today’s dollars.  Yet donkey-like leadership and crony contracts that favour the few, has seen wool’s export value fall to just $531m in the year to May 2017 and that’s down 33.1% on 2016. 

“Unlike National, New Zealand First believes in wool because it is naturally insulating, flame retardant, non-allergenic and it breathes.  If that’s not enough, wool can be recycled and unlike the stuff made from oil, it biodegrades when it is no longer needed.

“Wool and other natural fibres are wonder products and government can help take them to the next level by specifying them as products of choice,” says Mr Peters.