New Zealand First Renews Commonwealth Trade Deal Call

Having already called for Closer Commonwealth Economic Relations in February 2016, New Zealand First is calling for the government to get it done.


“In a post-Brexit world we don’t have time for ‘no action – talk only’ especially if we’re to secure fair trade deals,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“In a few weeks from now, Britain will formally trigger Article 50 to begin her withdrawal from the European Union.  This is why New Zealand First wants to model Closer Commonwealth Economic Relations (CCER) on CER with Australia.


“Alone we aren’t of much interest say to India, but with Australia, the UK, and Singapore, we become a market of over 97 million people and with the muscle of a permanent member of both the Security Council and the G8 changes.


“Significantly New Zealand already has deals with Australia and Singapore so bringing in the UK must be a matter of when and not if.


“While our priority is a bilateral deal with Britain, we must dual track that with CCER made up of an inner-ring of like-minded countries, but with an outer ring of countries like South Africa, where improved trade access is the aim.


“All it needs now is two things; a will and vision and we challenge the government to show some,”  says Mr Peters.