New Year, New Funding Required For District Health Boards

25 January 2017

The Health system needs a dose of New Year cheer in the form of funding from the government, says New Zealand First.

“Our District Health Boards are desperate for more funding.  National’s continual erosion of funds from our public health system is well and truly starting to bite,” says New Zealand First Health Spokesperson Barbara Stewart.

“We are seeing doctor’s striking due to unsafe working conditions, most of our DHBs are crippled by debt and patients are being refused elective surgery and are often left in debilitating pain.

“Putting New Zealanders health first should be at the top of the government’s agenda.

“The Minister of Health has to stop the denial and political rhetoric surrounding our health system

“NZ First challenges the Minister to step up and put the health of New Zealanders at the top of his New Year list. 

“The Minister needs to get serious and undertake an urgent and independent review of the entire health system and its funding. It’s the least the Minister and the government could do” says Mrs Stewart.