National Too Slow Out Of Gates Over NZ Racing Industry Crisis

17 August 2017

The Government has been far too slow in addressing the crisis facing the racing industry, says New Zealand First.

“This crisis has been going on for nine years, ever since National came to power, and now with only one Parliament sitting day remaining in this the 51st Parliament, they have finally woken up and introduced a Bill, says New Zealand First Associate Spokesperson for Racing, Clayton Mitchell.

“The Racing Amendment Bill should have gone under urgency.

“Racing employs over 17,000 New Zealanders and pumps $1.6 billion into the New Zealand economy and yet this government has ignored the deep crisis.

“Four National ministers have held the racing portfolio over the period of this government and still we wait for the urgent changes required to revitalise our racing industry.

“The last real change was made by the Rt Hon Winston Peters between 2005 and 2008. He turned the industry on its head, creating real opportunities and growth.

“Now the racing industry wallows while this government has done nothing but look on.

“New Zealand First will work to restore the racing industry to its former glory after this year’s election,” says Mr Mitchell.