National Sell Off To Foreigners Hits A High

Sales of land to foreign owners went through the roof last year under a National government that doesn’t give a hoot about our future, says New Zealand First.


“Foreign buyers snapped up 465,863 hectares, compared to 79,897 hectares sold to foreigners in 2015,” says New First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“The question much be asked – where is the gain for New Zealand?

“A recent sale approved by the Overseas Investment Office proclaimed that the buyer was a ‘key player in a key industry’. He went unnamed until sleuths revealed him to be an American TV broadcaster who likes fly fishing. What exactly will be his ‘key’ contribution and what key industry was that?

“Too many foreign buyers are here in pursuit of their own interests. Our preference is for New Zealanders to farm and look after the land for generations to come.

“National is so pro overseas ownership they voted against our Bill to set up a register of foreign ownership.

“Clearly the National Party doesn’t want to know what the level of overseas buying is and they most certainly don’t want the public to know,” says Mr Peters.