National Scheming To Lock In TPPA So Future Govt Has No Influence

17 August 2017

The National government is scheming to present a fait accompli on a new TPPA deal to any future government after the election.

“There has been no consultation with the New Zealand people or Parliament to pursue the TPPA after the original deal fell over with the United States refusing to sign it off,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“In its arrogance, the National government is spending taxpayers’ money to renegotiate, without even a national interest analysis.

“But National has been rumbled.

“In response in Parliament all Minister of Trade Todd McClay could do was to sink into accusations that we don’t care about trade – every New Zealander knows that’s balderdash.

“What we don’t support is signing up to trade deals on the terms of other countries, and selling our producers and exporters short.

“We care.

“New Zealand’s chief negotiators for the TPPA are meeting between 20-30 August in Sydney secretly to present the next New Zealand Government with a fait accompli for the APEC meeting in Vietnam in November.

“They will be considering two options in Sydney, neither of which the New Zealand public is aware of.

“This is government by tyranny, and not for or on behalf of the people. Secrecy, scheming and arrogance are not what New Zealanders want.

“The National government should be ashamed.”