National-Labour Flop On Affordable Housing

28 August 2017

The housing crisis has defeated both National and Labour – and New Zealanders are the losers.

“They’ve wasted years on a merry go round of argument.

“The result is Kiwis are locked out of first home ownership. Sheds or cars are the new norm for a Kiwi home for many,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Today’s debate on TV One’s Q&A took us back 10 years – the only difference is now Labour and National have switched sides.

“After nine years of government, Minister of Social Housing Amy Adams gave a monotonous verbal outpouring of dubious claims of achievements.

“She rushed to cite achievement of ‘her government’s’ Hobsonville development with ‘affordable’ houses of around $500,000.
“That’s hardly affordable, and too few houses.

“Nine years ago National’s then housing spokesperson was attacking the then Labour government over Labour’s Hobsonville development (the same one). He claimed their ‘affordable houses’ were going to be too costly.

“Same argument, same parties. No solutions. And failure on promises.

“Take Ms Adams’ promise to build 11 houses a day from July 1. In 18 days they had built 43, that’s 78% behind schedule.

“It’s time to get on with New Zealand First’s action plan of building houses, providing land and low interest housing packages for first home buyers and investment in state housing.”