National Government Making It Impossible For Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis’ declining a government contract must force National to have a serious rethink of its policy, says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball.


“For Rape Crisis, and hundreds of other social service organisations, client confidentiality is of critical importance.


“For the government not to recognise this and to request highly sensitive information and data is given to them is seriously wrong.


“The government fails to understand clients of Rape Crisis, and other similar organisations, would consider disclosing this information to be a betrayal of trust.


“International research has shown the dangers of data collection, but the government has failed to take note.


“Unless the government listens to Rape Crisis and other organisations who work daily with some of our most vulnerable people, they will push them to crisis point.


“Rape Crisis has made a courageous decision after being painted into a corner by this government,” says Mr Ball.