National Fails Those That Need It Most In Education … Again!

24 February 2017

New Zealand First is disappointed that the National government refuses to accept that the recent inquiry into support for students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and on the Autism Spectrum has shown that the system is underfunded, under resourced and under extreme stress.



 “This is not the first time the government has been given this message, but they continue to ignore it,” says New Zealand First Education Spokesperson Tracey Martin.


“This inquiry revealed that for a significant number of students with learning differences the experience of education is an experience of marginalisation.


“The experience is not one of inclusion or being taught in a manner that facilitates them to learn. As one submitter said:  “How can you teach me if you don’t know how I learn?


“Submissions also revealed massive inequities in access to assistance including teacher’s aides and specialist support. It is clear that despite National government claims, student assessment is necessary to access specialist support and adequate teaching aid hours in a timely manner for students with high needs, and extremely difficult for students with moderate needs, unless the parents pay.


“Parents are paying for teacher aide hours, after school coaching, for assessment of needs, speech language therapy, etc.  New Zealand First finds this unacceptable.


“It is because the National government has refused to accept that without additional funding, broader and central collection of school entry data and listening to the parents and experts in this sector of education that New Zealand First has joined with other opposition parties to include a further 29 recommendations to the report in their minority view.”