National Eyes Dollars Only - Too Bad About 'Mr Big'

Revelations that an Indian “Mr Big” and “old boys’ network” control a big chunk of the corrupt Indian student market is not a surprise, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“It has long been known that New Zealand’s international student industry is a money making rort with fraudulent activity rife and the National government is doing next to nothing to clean it up.

“The government doesn’t want to upset an industry that it claims is worth $4.28 billion a year, regardless of how shady it really is.

“When the former Prime Minister met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India last year, reputable agents in India wanted him to request Mr Modi and the Indian government to press charges against their fraudulent counterparts, but he didn’t.

“At last count more than 2000 agents in India were supplying students to New Zealand and only 30 to 33 were registered.

“Most of the students coming here are not coming for an education but are using it as a back door route to get residency.

“Many of those who are working are being ripped off by employers, earning far less than the minimum wage and pushing young New Zealanders out of jobs.

“But the government doesn’t care about the corruption; it’s all about the dollars for them,” says Mr Peters.