National Causing Slow Death of Radio New Zealand

 The National government is allowing Radio New Zealand (RNZ) to go through an agonising death through lack of funding, says New Zealand First Broadcasting Spokesperson Tracey Martin.


“It’s patently clear this government is obsessed with privatisation and hates public broadcasting.

 “For nearly nine years they have under-funded and bullied RNZ so badly the broadcaster has removed funding requests even though money is desperately needed to pay staff, improve content and develop digital platforms.

“The government dragged its feet for six years over the Radio New Zealand Amendment Bill and only moved to pass the legislation once RNZ had been beaten into submission and agreed not to ask for any increased funding.

“RNZ is a trusted voice, not just in New Zealand but around the Pacific, and provides quality journalism, something that has become increasingly at risk as other media companies in this country slash staff and resources.

“Unlike National, New Zealand First understands the vital role of public broadcasting and will continue lobbying for increased funding to RNZ,” says Mrs Martin.