National Bowing To Pressure From China Over Food Labels

Pressure from China is preventing New Zealand from adopting “Country of Origin” labels on food, says New Zealand First Primary Industries Spokesperson Richard Prosser.


“A survey from Horticulture NZ and Consumer NZ shows that New Zealanders want to know where their food comes from but the National government refuses to move.


“Consumers want it and producers want it.


“It’s a safety issue for consumers, and they have a right to know where their food comes from.


“New Zealand producers are being put out of business by the importation of inferior food with dubious animal welfare standards, particularly with pork. 


 “New Zealand First supports Country of Origin labelling (coOL) because we believe it’s a food safety issue.


 “National needs to get with the programme and make labelling of food products with Country of Origin information mandatory,” says Mr Prosser.