National Backs Race-Based Water Taxes. Had Enough?

New Zealand First says National is the pot calling Labour’s kettle black over taxes on water, with National writing water ‘Koha for Consent’ into Deeds of Settlement.

“National provisioning Koha for Consent is as bad as Labour’s food and production tax on water,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland,  Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Both will add to what hard working Kiwis have to pay at the supermarket checkout.

“While Labour’s numbers on water are all over the show – from $58.3 million to $500m, and half a trillion arising from their October 21, 2015 statement  - National has given certain Iwi a secret deal.

“It is all in Minister Chris Finlayson’s attack on the Labour Party in today’s NZ Herald, that is the moment any political party crosses the Water Tax Rubicon, Iwi will be first to line up and benefit – the leaders will but the people will get nothing. 

“Instead of environmental improvements, money will fill the coffers of those who make up the Freshwater Iwi Leaders’ Group. 

“This is as serious as it gets. The two old parties has National selling out and writing race-based water ownership into law whilst accusing Labour’s proposed water tax of being the trigger to justify it.  The two old parties are constructing a nightmare for the New Zealand economy.

“It is hidden in the Tuwharetoa Deed of Settlement that National negotiated and Labour backs. Extracts of which are with this statement and the public need to ask themselves this question: ‘Why did they not tell us of their secret plans?’

“A morally weak National Party has agreed to a ‘market-based regime for resource allocation’ and to ‘establish a regime of tradeable rights or tradeable permits in water’ – all based on race.

“All it needs is what Labour is proposing with its food and production tax on water.  From the price of cabbages to electricity prices, families - many of them Maori who are up against it - will see what little the two parties have transferred to enrich big Iwi and government coffers.  All the while the export wealth creators of this country are being attacked by certain politicians. 

“New Zealand First cannot and will not support more racial separatism and more expensive food and power prices from either party.  We are certain that New Zealanders when they know more about this will have had enough,” says Mr Peters.