Multiple National MP's Criticise ‘Bootcamp’ Training Programmes

15 August 2017

“Just three months ago National MP’s made some damning comments in Parliament  stating their lack of confidence and their concerns with Army run, long-term, residential training programmes – now they have made a total flip-flop,” says New Zealand First Youth Affairs Spokesperson, Darroch Ball.

Alastair Scott – “I am concerned at the pastoral care that will be needed…You would live on campus, you would get up in the morning, you would run around the block, you would be forced to do 100 sit-ups, and then you would go and do your apprenticeship training, and so on and so forth. So I am concerned about the age [15-17yo] of these participants.”

Todd Muller – "this is hellishly expensive. It could potentially be north of $20 million, even for a pilot for 500-plus people. That is a significant cost…”

“Our Defence Force has a very clear mandate and is appropriately focused on delivering that for the benefit of New Zealand. Asking it to participate in a…trial with the level of need that these people inherently require in terms of wraparound services, I think, is a step too far.”

Joanne Hayes – “… being woken up at 5 o'clock in the morning and being told that if they get into trouble they are going to be sweeping that court with a toothbrush in the wee hours of the morning. They are actually going to go through all of those things, and not very many 15-year-olds who are failing in the system will actually accept that. To be honest, they will tell the sergeant major where to go.”

“How can the National government say these things three months ago and still credibly believe in their own Army “boot-camp” policy?” says Mr Ball.