More PC Rubbish Over Gypsy Day

New Zealand First says the Otago Regional Council’s desire to change the name of Gypsy Day because someone has decided it is offensive to Roma people is yet another example of unwanted political correctness.

Primary Industries Spokesperson Richard Prosser says the term Gypsy Day has been in use a long time and does not denigrate anyone.

“It isn’t offensive and never has been. Often Romany refer to themselves as Gypsies, particularly in Britain and Ireland. The suggestion that it compares an ethnic group with cattle is ridiculous – Gypsy Day is a reference to the people who move the cattle, not to the cattle themselves.

“This is yet another case of the perpetually outraged trying to find something else to get offended about.

“The Otago Regional Council would be better putting its energies, and ratepayers’ money, into making sure the sharemilking changeover happens smoothly, rather than worrying about what name people give it and deciding to be offended on behalf of people who aren’t offended,” says Mr Prosser.