More Bribes And Opportunism From National

27 April 2017

National’s shallow promises today to improve infrastructure are just further examples of their bribes and opportunism to try and gain re-election, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Where have they been and what have they been doing for the last nine years as the population continued to spin out of control – growing a city the size of Wellington or Christchurch under first Labour and then the National government, but with few services?

“There would have been either cries of outrage or laughter all over New Zealand when Minister of Finance Steven Joyce said National’s investment in roads, rail, broadband, schools, electricity transmission and hospitals had been unprecedented and ‘we are increasing it further.’

“He’s talking complete rubbish.

“Roads all over New Zealand are falling apart; Auckland has massive infrastructure problems; rail lines have been shut down; rural parts of the country are desperate for broadband; schools are struggling to cope with increased rolls; power prices keep going up; hospitals have ever increasing queues for surgery and health is grossly under-funded.

“Small tourist centres have been flooded with tourists and need money for infrastructure urgently but all National can give them are promises – sometime into the future.

“Today’s promise to allocate $11 billion in new capital infrastructure over the next four Budgets is just more hot air.  For Mr Joyce to state, ‘this government is New Zealand’s infrastructure government’ shows just how disconnected from the mass majority of New Zealanders he really is.

“Then again he made similar promises in the Northland by-election and hasn’t kept one of them,” says Mr Peters.