Minister Tells Dairy Owners To Sort Robberies

Dairies should stop selling cigarettes if they feel threatened by robbers, says Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner – this is an appalling, irresponsible view from a government that is totally out of touch.



“Tobacco is a legal product and Nicky Wagner and the government’s response reflects how arrogant they have become,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“Should women stop going out jogging if they feel threatened by rapists? Should banks stop dispensing money if they feel threatened by robbers?


“The government has turned tobacco into a soaring black market item.


“The government has cut back police on the streets and the number available to arrest criminals. Now they suggest the shopkeepers are to blame.


“New Zealand First is committed to putting the police numbers out there to catch and charge criminals and to restore safety in our communities, and to all those going about their lawful business.”