Minister Should Have Listened To Immigration Advice Long Ago

Official papers showing Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse was ‘forced’ to tighten immigration rules around international students last year prove he’s been getting advice along the same lines we’ve been telling him for a long time now,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Despite the alarming circumstances of huge artificially created demand, he and his colleagues have decided to ignore the facts and carry on with mass immigration and overseas job entries regardless of the consequences.


“This advice proves that this government is hell bent on its economic prescription of consumption borne of mass immigration and like some addict can’t get off their pathway to destruction.


“Mr Woodhouse and his colleagues are in denial, incompetent, and economically and socially reckless.


“They boast of being a stable government whilst all around them are issues of economic and social destruction from serious undersupply and grossly inflated demand, which a future stable government will have to contend with.


“In short, they are not good economic managers but mere purveyors of propaganda seeking to justify their neo-liberal far right stupidity,” says Mr Peters.