Minister's Firearms Inquiry Election-Year Back-Pedal

New Zealand First says firearms licence holders have the election to thank for the Police Minister rejecting most of the National-majority Select Committee’s recommendations on the Inquiry into Criminal Misuse of Firearms.

“It’s a classic election year back-pedal to get her government out of a mess of its own making,” says New Zealand First Police Spokesperson and Deputy Leader, Ron Mark.

“Instead of targeting criminals as it was meant to, the inquiry put lawful firearms users in the crosshairs.

“Law abiding firearms licence holders should be under no illusions that if this report had been represented to either National or Labour three months after an election, instead of three months before one, then all the recommendations and more would be being written into law as we speak.

“These recommendations came from a Select Committee made up of a majority of National Party MP’s, cheered on by both Labour and the Greens.

“Only New Zealand First held the line by rejecting it entirely.

“We are immensely proud of the huge team effort put in by the firearms community.

“That pressure has led to this back-down, but both National and Labour have tipped their hands. 

“This was their inquiry, and their agenda still stands. It’s only on the backburner and not in the bin,” says Mr Mark.