Minister Must Act To Prevent Further Attacks At Youth Facility

28 February 2017

Minister for Social Development Anne Tolley can no longer stand idly by after yet another attack at a CYF  justice facility where at least two youth ran away, says New Zealand First.



“We warned the Minister many times over the past year that problems with youth justice facilities were putting staff, youth and the community in danger,” says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball.


“We have been informed that two youth attacked staff at Korowai Manaaki Youth Justice Facility in Manurewa, Auckland, and fled.


“Korowai Manaaki recently had rioting and youth climbing on the roof.


“The lack of action from the Minister is astounding and is blatantly irresponsible.


“Minister Tolley needs to intervene at Korowai Manaaki until the obvious problems are solved.


“This is no longer an operational level matter, the time for action from the minister is now,” says Mr Ball.